Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee - Darlene Love - More Girl Group Sounds

Here is the NPR story on Darlene Love RNRHOF 

From the youtube poster  Check it out for more

Written by Gene Pitney, and already passed on by The Shirelles, Phil Spector had wanted this for his girl group The Crystals who were on the east coast at the time. As the story goes, Spector had turned to Gold Star studios in LA because there, he could better develop his sound and couldn't wait for The Crystals to fly from New York; he had Darlene Love and The Blossoms record it instead. The record went to # 1 in 1962, but was released under The Crystals name. The Crystals were forced to celebrate a false victory and The Blossoms never fully got their dues which is why I made this video as a tribute to them. Aside from their work on the rock program "Shindig," The Blossoms were actually very established as a premiere backing group- many articles on them fail to include that they have backed several major acts live, such as Marvin Gaye (in The TAMI Show 0:47) and Elvis Presley (in his comeback special 1:33). They have backed numerous others in the studio. A lot of people complain about performances of this by the new Crystals group that Dee Dee Kennibrew (an original Crystal) started. But anyway, it's funny how people have such huge issues with that when it was only released under The Crystals' name while the real Crystals didn't even sing on it.

Leslie Gore from the TAMI Show - if you guessed the Blossoms doing the background - you are a winner 

Girl Group Movie 5 Parts Each part 15 minutes 
Part 1 

Part 2  (opens with the Exciters - they opened for the Beatles in Indianpolis on Sep 3 1964 , your blogger was there !)

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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