Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating 75th Birthday of Hardy Martin in Louisville with some well known musicians

Received this from a correspondent who was at the 75th Birthday party for Hardy Martin, one of the founders of the Carnations and a part of the Sambo music booking agency
Who is in the photo ?
Jim Stodghill (Paul Penneys brother), Bill Summit (Trendells), Joe Bergman (original Trendell), John St Clair (original tenor/lead with Sultans), Wayne Young( Soul , Inc ), Paul (Stodghill) Penney. Mike Gibson(original Monarch ),Dick Snider on Drums 9original Monarch.) Bill Haswell (original Monarch) guitar, Geroge Owen piano original Monarch out of frame.
When asked who was there another correspondent comented "Every Louisville musician that could walk was there! What a party!!! List is too long. Was the same at his 70th!"

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  1. I was lucky enough to be invited to Hardy's 75th birthday party,thanks to Mike Gibson, the party was just outstanding. Seeing and being able to listen to the great talent that came from the early years of the early Louisvile rock era was just fantastic. Some of the best "Rock&Roll" music came from the many talented musicians right here in Lou.