Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WAKY Reunion August 12 , 2010 ALL photos byTom Yono Yenowine

We would like comments from All of you all that were there or wished they were

Wayne Young (Soul, Inc.Midnight Special, many more)
1 Hour Storm
Bill and Brenda Wood Triangle Talent , Louisville's Own
Butch Kaufman
George Poole Sultans and Doo Wop All Stars
Marvin Maxwell MOMS Music Elysian Fields, Soul Inc
Paul Penny
Sherry Edwards
Tommy Cosden - Cosmo and the Counts
Tony Ratterman Epics
ALL PHOTOS by Tom Yono Yenowine

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  1. George Poole is what made the Louisville Doo Wop music so great .. A trip down memory lane makes me feel so good and brings back good times as a kid