Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looking Forward to Hearing From You

This is the beginning of our Louisville Music blog . Recently we began a conversation and were looking for a picture of Bob Colglazer's Ranch House ( the one out by Iroquois Park ) - I'm a south end kid - and we found a wonderful web site with a lot of band information ,  that there are still copies of Louisville's Own available and had a great deal of conversation about the music and how much we still love it  .

Did not find a photo of the Ranch House. Anybody got one ??

If you want more information on the web site or the book , please email me .
All of you all that were in bands or just have memories of the FOP , American Legion , VFW , all the teen dances , Lebanon Junction or just love the music , drop us a note and send pictures , we would love to hear from you . We expect to be hearing from many of the bands we remember so well and sharing places , music and memories . Please tell us also who you like to hear from and we will try to track them down .

Bill Grubb Manual '62 - In case you were wondering where I went to high school .

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