Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rex Reminisces :Variety Records , WINN , The Centaurs, The Cavaliers

I used to hang out at Variety Records on 4th street, and when they changed their interior I actually bought one of the listening booths (eventually it was tossed out with the other trash when I got married a few years later).  I remember when guys from the band ( The Monarchs ) came by with a box of those Regal 45's ( Lonely  blogger note -Regal 512 Look Homeward Angel b/w Guess Who ) and I think I bought a copy that day.

I graduated from Manual in 1964, began attending U of L and working on the GE assembly line at night getting married in 1965.
After I got married and left GE for a job as personnel clerk at Louisville Memorial Hospital I decided it was time to grow up and stop listening to R&R.  None of us ever listened to country.  WINN (which seemed to change formats frequently) played progressive jazz and that suited my new grown up attitude.  One Sunday morning WINN suddenly became a country station and I was instantly hooked on country.  After getting married I no longer collected or listened to records and upon my divorce I think my ex got rid of all of the old records.  So during this "grey period" I didn't question the connection.  When I got remarried in 1974 my new wife and I began collecting records and eventually I got back to collecting Louisville music.  In 1974 I reversed my grown up attitude, bought my first pair of jeans and have been regressing ever since.
While I like everyone else in Louisville at the time in high school was in a band all we ever did was practice (we may have had two gigs) and I never played with the Monarchs!  We loved the Centaurs who seemed to beat out the Cavaliers every week at the Whispering Hills Country Club and named our short lived group the Appollos in deference to the Centaurs who never made a record.  They used a lot of tape echo.

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  1. Anyone else to comment on Whispering Hills and the bands that played there ?
    We would like to hear from the band members .